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Monday, February 19, 2018
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Strange Company

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A South Pacific marine investigation turns into a mystery drama. Sequel to A Very Fishy Business. By Ian Clarke

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Mirianda Holliwell, a dedicated environmentalist is not afraid to upset anyone to further her cause. Her family and friends are shocked to hear she’s been lost overboard from a ship in a South Pacific storm. The official accident report raises more questions than it answers and her husband refuses to believe she is dead. He persuades marine surveyor, Ralph Sinclair to make enquiries. Ralph’s quest takes him to the Kirispari Islands in the South Pacific, where he’s swept up in a deadly vendetta that began over twenty years ago on the other side of the world. As the events on the night of the storm are unravelled, it becomes evident that Mirianda has upset one person too many.

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Cracking Mariner's Tale Review by Almost Famous
Another cracking mariner’s tale, from former maritime safety officer and master storyteller, Ian Clarke, Strange Company is the fast-paced sequel to Clarke’s successful A Very Fishy Business (Oceanbooks), and a great stand-alone read in its own right. In Ralph Sinclair’s latest adventure, the marine surveyor investigates the disappearance Mirianda Holliwell, an environmentalist lost overboard in the Kirispari Islands of the South Pacific. Mirianda is the wife of Ralph’s business partner, but until her death has been confirmed one way or another, Ralph’s partner isn’t able to carry on, and neither can Ralph and his fiancé Nicola: the business, and their marriage, are on hold, unless Ralph can get to the bottom of it all. But does Ralph really believe Mirianda is still alive, or is he more intrigued by the connection to an old mystery from his past?
Clarke’s use of island vernacular adds a tropical flavour and sense of community to this salty tale, but that same familiarity can also be forbidding, as menacing forces follow poor Ralph as he races from one disaster to the next: falling overboard, being incarcerated, and getting himself flung into a tension-wracked sea battle. There’s a lot of technical information in this story, but Clarke delivers it artfully, in a way that is easy to understand yet it doesn’t slow the pace of this rollicking sea tale by a nautical knot. And if you thought our hero was a bit bumbling and inept in A Very Fishy Business, he turns out to be quite the champion this time around—which I’m putting down to his fiance’ Nicola’s influence! A wonderful read and a must-have gift for all boaties this Christmas.
(Posted on 31/10/2013)
Breathes Authenticity Review by Susan Tarr
What a great story! From the very first chapter, I was caught up in this compelling tale. Written from years of hands-on experience, it breathes authenticity. It even smells real! From start to finish, from plot within plot, I was taken right along on this journey. The attention to detail is a rare thing in many books now so Clarke has done himself proud.
(Posted on 14/10/2013)

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