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Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Selling your Book with Oceanbooks

So you've put in the hard yards and written the book; you've sorted through the process of publishing it yourself, and now you need to sell it. Oceanbooks is here to help with that too.

Oceanbooks' online book marketplace is one of the things that sets us apart from the competition.

Featuring solely self-published titles written by authors from all walks of life, our listings include a huge variety of styles and content matter, making us unique among booksellers. So join the growing list of authors who have chosen to list their books on oceanbooks.co.nz.


How does it work?

We charge a flat fee of NZ$25.00 per book to list it on our website, plus taking a 20% commission from each sale. When a print book is sold, we contact the author who takes responsibility for packaging and sending the book to the purchaser. Ebooks are sold directly from the website and require no additional effort on the author’s part.

The price of the book is set by the author, who should consider the costs listed above before deciding. We can provide guidance on valuing your book accurately for its target market.

Authors who go through the full Oceanbooks polishing and layout package can list their book on the site without paying the listing fee.


The next step for authors.

Email us at sales@oceanbooks.co.nz to talk about your project. When you’re sure you’d like to list with us, we can send you out an author/book questionnaire and agreement for you to fill out and sign. You will need to provide us with your ebook files (if you are listing ebooks).

We will then create a listing for your work based on the information you have provided. You’ll be kept informed of any sales on a quarterly basis.


What about publicity?

Oceanbooks provides a marketplace for your book to be sold but authors are responsible for promoting and marketing their own works from there. We do general advertising in a number of places for our website and bookstore but do not currently offer marketing packages for individual books or authors. We can, however, put you in touch with distributors and marketing professionals who can help you with advertising your book(s).