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Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Oceanbooks Publishing Services

Please note, at the present time Oceanbooks is not accepting new editorial enquiries.

Read down for a list of the services we can provide to help you self-publish your book!

Because of the wide variety of books, there is a wide variety in the cost of publication services, but we're happy to give you a quote with no obligation. To find out how much it might cost to get your project under way, click here or email editor@oceanbooks.co.nz to make an enquiry. 



No matter how many times you read through your own writing, you will always read what you think is there, and miss some of the things that shouldn’t. Let us provide a fresh eye to remove spelling and grammatical errors as well as typographical mistakes from your work.

With the rise of self-published books in the marketplace, respected authors agree that it’s imperative to get your work copy-edited to improve clarity, consistency, meaning and style. We can read your work through and provide advice on ways that you can improve it to create a truly polished piece of writing.


Layout and design

Preparation for printing
Once your manuscript is fully polished we can help you with creating a professional layout for the pages, including the contents page for relevant works. This final layout will then be converted into the appropriate format ready to send to the printer of your choice.

Cover design
They say, “don’t judge a book by its cover” but here at Oceanbooks we can help with making sure the cover is as good as the interior. Send in your cover image and we will transform it into an effective cover design, as well as guiding you through the process of creating a professional book and author blurb for the back cover.

Acquisition of ISBN and Barcode
Your book isn’t complete until we acquire an ISBN number and unique barcode for your book.


Book production

Liaison with printing presses
While Oceanbooks is not a publishing house in itself, we do have relationships with printers around the country and can liaise with them on your behalf if you need assistance getting your final manuscript printed.

Ebook creation
Ebooks are an increasingly popular way of reading books, and are a cost-effective method of bringing your book to publication. We can transform your manuscript into multiple ebook formats so you can sell your book online.


Oceanbooks Full Package

All of the above
If you purchase the full Oceanbooks package we will waive our usual fee for liaising with printing presses and ebook creation, as well as waiving our $25 bookshop listing fee. OB Label books also get priority of placement in scrolling banners and featured product lists on the oceanbook.co.nz bookshop.


Other services

If your manuscript is hand-written or recorded as an audio file we can transcribe it into a typed word document. This is a useful service for people who have conducted interviews or have handwritten submissions as part of their manuscript or even academic article or thesis.


Selling your book

Oceanbooks’ online marketplace is the ideal way of getting your ebook and print book sales online. Visit our Book Sales page for more information on selling your book on oceanbooks, or contact us to get the process started.