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Thursday, February 22, 2018
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finding samson: iron age superhero

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The conspiratorial tale of an Ancient Middle Eastern superhero - whose grave you can visit today. Read more at the finding samson website. By Bryan Winters

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finding samson? - the only superhero whose grave exists. Visit it today in Israel.

Hang on, did an actual man free an entire nation? By himself? That's serious action.

There's more. An insider from those ancient times tells us his enemies 'made shrewd plans, and conspired against Israel.' Clever foes bring intrigue,

...explaining how a beautiful woman got set up to betray this muscleman with aspergers. Problem is, Delilah fell for Samson, creating romance.

With the rise and fall of nations, whose enmity exists to this day, we have a political thriller,

...let alone the coverup tactics from all sides, lending suspense.

Eventually, the Gods take an interest, elevating the tale to epic,

...resulting in former enemies being imprisoned together, sharing their regrets. In toil and darkness, Samson begins to find himself. That's how a 3200 year old story becomes a legend.

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format Printed book
title finding samson: iron age superhero

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