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Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Book Sales FAQs

Can anyone sell their book through oceanbooks.co.nz?

Oceanbooks bookshop deals exclusively in self-published books by New Zealand authors. As long as you fit both criteria, you are welcome to contact us about listing your book.


What formats do you take?

We can sell your print books (hard cover or paperback) and ebooks in .epub, .mobi, or .pdf format. Talk to us about other formats and we’ll see what we can do!


What do I have to do?

First, send an email to sales@oceanbooks.co.nz to introduce yourself and your book. We’ll be back in touch with a questionnaire and agreement for you to sign allowing us to sell your book for you. Then we can organise making a listing for the website and uploading any ebooks you want to sell.


What happens when someone buys my book on oceanbooks.co.nz?

When someone purchases one of your titles we will let you know within 48 hours. If it is an ebook, the purchaser will be able to download the book from the website immediately. If they have purchased a print book, we will send you their contact information and it will be up to you to post the book to the purchaser.


What are my obligations as an author?

To make sure Oceanbooks runs as smoothly and professionally as possible, we expect authors to respond to contact within 48 hours. This is so when someone buys a book, we can be sure they will receive their purchase within a reasonable amount of time. If for some reason your contact information changes or you are unable to meet this obligation, it is important to let us know as soon as possible so alternative arrangements can be made. This benefits you as well - after all, it’s your book that we are selling!


How much does it cost?

For each book you wish to list we charge a $25 flat fee. After that we take a 20% commission from each sale, and the rest goes to you.


What about shipping costs?

Authors are responsible for covering the cost of postage for sending out their book. However the oceanbooks.co.nz purchase system adds $3.40 for each book so you will be repaid that amount when you are paid for your sales.


What do I get out of it?

Oceanbooks will list your book on the website until further notice. Each book has its own separate page on the oceanbooks.co.nz website, with a cover image, blurb, author blurb and photo, and links to any of your other works. We won’t change the listing without checking with you first and we won’t alter your book or information in any way. We will stay in touch with you and let you know whenever a sale is made.
Any sales of your book will be recorded and we will send you a quarterly statement and deposit the money from your sales into your account on a quarterly basis (unless you prefer a different arrangement).


Will you market my book for me?

Oceanbooks provides a marketplace for your book to be sold but authors are responsible for promoting their own works from there. We do general advertising in a number of places for our website and bookstore but do not currently offer marketing packages for individual books or authors. We can, however, put you in touch with distributors and marketing professionals who can help you with advertising your book(s).


Are there any books you won’t list on your website?

Oceanbooks is a bookshop for New Zealand authors' self-published books so we won’t list books that don’t fit those criteria.

We also reserve the right to decline to list a book based on its quality. This is so we can preserve the good name of Oceanbooks and ensure that our bookshop is known for selling high quality books.

Oceanbooks won’t sell books that contravene the Defamation Act 1992 or work that is plagiarised from other sources.